Senator Derek Slap: Paying College Athletes

Just last week California Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation that allows for college athletes to make money off endorsements and to hire agents while in school. On today’s episode I talk with Connecticut State Senator Derek Slap about legislation he is spearheading to allow for college athletes to be able to make money off their likeness through endorsements. He talks about how he got interested in this topic, how the process will work, and rebut some of the most common criticisms of this type of legislation.

Andrew Krasny: Oracle Challenger Series

This episode features an interview with Andrew Krasny. Andrew is a Tennis Channel Host, Presenter, Emcee and Announcer, and the “voice” of the Oracle Challenger Series. Andrew talks about what the OCS is, what fans can expect to see at the tournament, his career in tennis media and more.

Connecticut Sports Summer Reading

As much as we want you to keep listening to our podcasts there is something about summer that draws everyone to a book. Here are some recommendations to get your Connecticut sports fill:

September 1918: War, Plague and the World Series
Skip Desjardin

Back around the 2018 World Series, we featured an episode with Connecticut resident Skip Desjardin, author of September 1918: War, Plague and the World Series. In the book you’ll be introduced to a young Babe Ruth, learn about the impact that World War I had on baseball, and most interestingly to me, a pay dispute that almost brought the World Series to a premature end.

Listen to Skip talk about the book >>

Inside the Empire: The True Power Behind the New York Yankees
Bob Klapsich and Paul Solotaroff

Since I plugged the Red Sox in the book above I have to recommend something for the Connecticut Yankees fan. I don’t usually pre-order books, but as soon as I saw an excerpt from this one in the New York Post I had to pre-order. Based on the 2018 baseball season you’ll get an inside look at how the Yankees franchise is run.


From the Outside: My Journey Through Life and the Game I Love
Ray Allen 

While the book highlights Ray’s entire basketball career, UConn fans we’ll particularly enjoy the chapter about his time at UConn including some great insight into how Jim Calhoun ran his team. Along with Coach Calhoun, Ray tells some great stories about his UConn teammates including Doron Sheffer and Donyell Marshall.


The Game: Harvard, Yale, and America in 1968
George Howe Colt

Here’s another one for anyone who likes some history intertwined with their sports books. Colt writes about the iconic 1968 Harvard Yale football game against the backdrop of the Vietnam War and other events taking place in America at the time. The book gives an interesting look at one of the football match-ups we look forward to each year.


Play by Play
Verne Lundquist

I read this book back in November while prepping for our episode with Verne. While it might not be Connecticut specific, there are plenty of allusions to the things we love here — college basketball, golf, and more. From football being played at the Yale Bowl to Jim Calhoun, Verne gives insight into his storied broadcasting career. For anyone looking to get outside the Connecticut sports scene, Verne has it all covered for you.

Listen to Verne talk about the book and his experiences with Connecticut sports >>

Have any other summer reading recommendations? Send our way and we’ll update with reader and listener suggestions! Tweet them or email here