Bob Joyce: ESPN 97.9 and UConn Athletics

This episode features an interview with Bob Joyce of ESPN 97.9 and most well known as the voice of the UConn Women’s Basketball team. We talk about how Bob got his start in radio and how he got the UConn job, what it’s been like being around the UConn Women’s Basketball team over the past decade, what he thinks about the future of UConn athletics and more.

Mechelle Voepel: The Future of UConn Women’s Basketball

A lot has been said about what the move to the Big East means for UConn Football and Men’s Basketball, but what impact does this have on Geno Auriemma and the UConn Women’s Basketball program? Mechelle Voepel of ESPN joins us to talk about what this move means for UConn Women’s Basketball, how the Big East sets up UConn Women’s Basketball for the post Geno era, the impact of playing in the Big East vs. the American.